AC Testing

Evergreen High Voltage AC Test Systems

EHV designs and supplies a variety of High Voltage AC sources for any test voltage and power. Conventional Transformers or Resonant Systems are supplied depending on the application and load. Each system is supplied with a control and measurement system that complies with International Standards.

Different types of AC systems are supplied for different applications and requirements. The main categories are:

  • AC Test Transformers —Conventional transformers can be supplied in voltage ranges from 1 to 1000kV and in power ratings from 1 to 1000kVA.
  • AC Hipot Testers —Integrated AC test sets are supplied for factory or field testing of power apparatus. Systems are available for automated test installations.
  • AC Variable Inductance Series Resonant Systems – Tank Style or Insulated Modular Styles are available for power frequency testing up to any voltage or current level with PD free operation
  • AC Variable Frequency Series Resonant Systems - Variable Frequency systems with pure sine wave converters can be supplied for a variety of test requirements
  • AC Control Systems — Three levels of control systems are available: manual, microprocessor based or fully computerized
  • Partial Discharge Measurement — PD measurement equipment and accessories are available for all apparatus requirements