Shielded Rooms

Evergreen High Voltage Shielded Rooms

Evergreen High Voltage proudly offers Military Standard 285 Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosure USC Type 26

These Shielded Enclosures cover all Applications for High Voltage Testing including applied potential (hipot) testing, impulse testing and partial discharge measurement cables, transformers and all electrical apparatus.

Shielded Enclosure USC-26 consist of rigid modular wall, floor and ceiling panels with integral framing system designed to provide a sound mechanical structure and low impedance RF joints. The enclosure will provide an attenuation of 100 dB to electric fields and plane waves from 14 KHz to 1 GHz when tested in accordance with MIL-STD-285.

Shielded Room - Side Cutaway

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Shielded room - side cutaway

Shielded Room - Top View

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Shielded room - top view

The shielded enclosure we will provide is manufactured by our principal Universal Shielding Company in Deer Park, New York.

We have some very significant design advantages compared to our competitor’s enclosures. Listed below are a few of the features:

  • Our enclosures are completely designed and fabricated at our Deer Park, NY facility. There is no cutting, soldering or welding necessary to be done at the site.
  • Our enclosures incorporate a tab in the channel system fabrication which enables the enclosure system to be installed expeditiously.
  • Our framing system incorporates a weld nut design thus the enclosure is fastened together with machine screws not sheet metal screws. Our enclosure employs 25% more fasteners that competitors.
  • All of our channel members have serrations on the members ensuring excellent contact with the panels.
  • Our doors incorporate a recessed contact design. On a standard door we employ a three (3) point latching system and a minimum of three (3) hinges. All doors they are completely fabricated in the USC manufacturing facility. The frame is reinforced hollow metal steel design providing lighter weight yet superior strength.
USC has been in business for the past 35 years and has provided the industry in excess of 16,000 shielded enclosures.

EHV Designs the Grounding system under the shielded room as well as the room itself

Grounding system under the shielded room